Thread Color Lists

We can order any color thread you desire, in many different formats (polyester, rayon, cotton, nylon, variegated, clear, thick or thin.) The longarm machine does not use standard threads (i.e. Dual Duty) because they are not designed for high-speed stitching and break easily. Any of the threads listed below will work in the longarm machine.

You can look at some of the available colors at these sites.

Superior Threads
King Tut -
Nature's finest thread. Extremely low lint #40/3-ply extra-long staple Egyptian-grown  cotton.  All variegated colors have a one-inch color change interval.
Bottom Line - by Libby Lehman
Designed by Libby Lehman for quilting, embroidery, bobbin, binding, and applique. 50 original colors and 5 NEW colors of 60 wt. lint-free polyester.
MasterPiece - by Alex Anderson
Nature's finest thread. #50/2 extra-long staple Egyptian cotton for piecing, detail quilting, bobbin, lace, and applique. Very smooth with virtually no lint.
Rainbows - by Ricky Tims; a thicker thread--more prominent on your quilt
40 wt. high-sheen premium trilobal polyester thread with a one-inch color change interval. For embroidery and quilting.
So Fine - by John Flynn - a fine thread perfect for dense quilting or less prominent quilting.
Lint-free, extra smooth #50/3 polyester. For quilting and general sewing. 50 original colors + 50 NEW COLORS + 34 NEWEST colors
Metallics - A strong, durable, beautiful 40 wt. thread, ideal for embroidery, quilting, applique, and serging.
The only metallic thread that is guaranteed to work.
Art Studio Colors - by Ricky Tims
Glitter Hologram - Glitter Hologram thread adds sparkle and dimension to embroidery and quilting. Washer, dryer, and iron safe (medium heat) metallized polyester. 400 yd. and 3,300 yd. spools. 24 dazzling colors.
Signature - American & Efird
Machine Quilting solids  and Machine Quilting Variegated - 100% mercerized cotton. Signature® Machine Quilting thread, designed for longarm quilting machines and enjoyed by many home sewers, is a high quality product that offers excellent sewability with high speed multi-directional designs, free motion, and general sewing techniques.
Machine Quilting Polyester - Cotton wrapped polyester core. This cotton colored polyester thread is a natural choice for those who require an extra strong thread for machine quilting, but prefer cotton thread to match their cotton fabrics.  The polyester thread provides strength while the cotton thread covering offers the same soft feel as cotton fabric.
Colours - 100% mercerized cotton, 30/3 Tex 50, 10 variegated, 2 solid colors.
Fine Metallic - nylon core, silver alloy film undercoated.
Silk - by Diane Gaudynski  and Silk Variegated #100
YLI Machine Quilting - 25 solid colors & 25 variegated colors, - 100% extra long staple Egyptian cotton, 40/3 ply -Tex 40
Variations - 2-ply trilobal polyester, 35/tex 27, 25 variegated shades
Fusions - heavy weight 100% cotton.
McKenna Ryan - cotton and silk quilting thread in McKenna's signature colors.
Thread by Design - Linda Taylor machine quilting, cotton wrapped polyester. Neon brights and variegated threads that glow under black light.
Connecting Threads
Essential - premium long staple 100% cotton.
Robison-Anton -
Perma Core - polyester core, polyester wrapped, soft thread in several weights, colorfast and strong. Their color chart does not show pictures, just lists names of colors. A few show here: reds and browns, greens, neutrals, blues & grays